Taylor Art House

Redesign of Taylor Art House

Jon Taylor created and managed his own website on FrontPage back in 2006. Six years later, he wanted to update the design, but still wanted to control the content of the site.

Website on Wordpress

After deciding that the best way to show off his art was to create a clean, minimal site, we decided to build a custom theme for TAH on Wordpress. Using the Wordpress platform, I could build a website for Jon that would provide him a backend "dashboard" area where he could easily add pictures of his art (in photo galleries or just single images) and as much text as he'd like (descriptions of art and artistic processes, upcoming events, resources, etc.).


Jon is very passionate about his art and wanted to share every aspect of it with the world. The more he wanted to share, the less "minimal" the site became (original design). After listening to what Jon wanted, I suggested that he put all of these ideas (how-to videos, info about the various materials and tools, specifics regarding the different ways he uses each medium he works in, etc.) into a blog...the perfect vehicle for so much energy! For example, Jon just posted about new welding techniques he's using! Brilliant!

This is a perfect example of what a blog should be: interesting, full of variety and geared towards the audience (fellow artists and art students, in this case). If he keeps up with his blog, it will be a great asset in getting his website found on the web; a strong tool in his SEO (search engine optimization) efforts!

  • taylor art house home page

    Jon Taylor wanted to manage all of the site's content, so we built new website on Wordpress.

  • taylor art house blog page

    We created a blog that fits seamlessly into Taylor Art House's look.

  • taylor art house art page

    One of Taylor Art House's gallery pages, using a Wordpress plugin.

  • jon taylor architecture portfolio page

    We created links to toggle from TAH to Jon Taylor Architecture.

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