Pathways to Communication


Pathways to Communication (PTC) is a pediatric speech therapy practice in Kirkland, WA. Their old website was built almost entirely out of images, which did not allow the site to grow and expand as their practice did. Being an image-based site also prevented search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) from finding them, which certainly wasn't helping them get the word out.

Ease of Use

Working closely with the speech therapists, I created an easy to navigate, user-friendly site that is light and welcoming. Now that they have a website that can easily be updated, we created more pages (resources, bios of the therapist, photo gallery, etc.), so their website visitors would have a more meaningful and resourceful experience. The photo gallery allows potential clients to see inside the clinic, gaining even more insight to this practice.


In addition to being a friendlier, more content-accessible website, Pathways to Communication is now searchable online. Prior to the redesign, the PTC website could not be found via a typical search on Google, of say "Kirkland, WA speech therapists". Currently they have a first page return on Google. I also suggested and helped PTC set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Yelp page and their blog. All of these pieces form the puzzle that is good and successful SEO (search engine optimization).

  • pathways to communication home page

    New website is lighter, brighter and easily customizable!

  • pathways to communication who we are page

    Bios of PTC's therapists provides useful information to site visitors.

  • pathways to communication what we do page

    Now website visitors can learn ahead of time what they can expect at PTC.

  • pathways to communication resources page

    Clients now have easy access to forms and links to helpful organizations.

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