Deborah Thomas Gardens

Portfolio Website for Deborah Thomas Gardens

This San Francisco gardener needed a website to showcase her work to prospective cients. While Deborah didn't necessarily want a website, she no longer had the time to create PDF documents to show clients her previous and current projects.

Website on Wordpress

Deborah is a savvy computer user and knows her way around WordPress, so this was a no-brainer. As always, my goal is to create a site that fits my clients needs and personality. With Deborah, simplicity on both fronts was key.

  • deborah thomas gardens home page

    Deborah Thomas Gardens's home page features a slideshow of beautiful outdoor spaces

  • deborah thomas gardens services page

    Simple and straightforward, just as Deborah approaches her business

  • deborah thomas gardens portfolio page

    Portfolio list w/ pictures

  • deborah thomas gardens project page

    Individual projects highlighted

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