Ashworth Landscape Design Studio

A former Interior Designer for some of Seattle's biggest architecture firms, Heidi Hower decided to change her design focus from inside to outside.

Website on WordPress

I built Heidi's website on Wordpress as she wanted to manage her content, or so she thought. Turns out running her own business takes up all of her time and she simply doesn't have any more energy to tackle the daily/weekly tasks needed to keep her site fresh. Kajort Designs can provide Heidi with monthly and as needed maintenance work, leaving her to focus on building her clientel.

  • Ashworth Landscape Design Studio home page

    Ashworth Landscape Design's home page

  • Ashworth Landscape Design Studio page

    Image slideshows are central to this site

  • Ashworth Landscape Design Studio portfolio page

    Adding narrative and a slideshow documenting the project helps clients and search engines understand what Ashworth is all about

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